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Socially Distanced

Video Dating

increase in users across the United States

  • California +40%
  • New York +33%
  • Arizona +29%
  • Georgia +29%
  • Pennsylvania +27%

7 times more users online at any given time

The average number of people using camgo video chat at any given time has increased seven-fold over the past six months.

time spent chatting

Time Spent Per Chat Up by 40%

number of chat messages

35% More Messages Shared

The average time spent per chat (up 40%) and the number of messages shared in every chat (up 35%) has increased over the past six months to establish more meaningful chats across Camgo.

Top Interest-Based Searches

dating during covid

Covid Dating

virtual dating

Virtual Date

dating online


*Data presented from camgo analytics between May 2020 and October 2020 compared to data between November 2019 to April 2020. Compiled and copyright

The report from looks at how online dating has changed when people had to stay apart. It shows interesting findings about how people are now socializing differently. During this time, 35% more people in the United States used these online chat sites, with California seeing a 40% increase. This shows more people are using the internet to make friends and find love because they can't meet in person.

Camgo's video chat service saw seven times more users online at any time, showing it's becoming more popular. As people couldn't go to usual places to meet others, they started using online video chats and camera chats to socialize and look for romantic partners.

People are also spending 40% more time talking in each chat, which means they are really getting to know each other. This might be because they can't meet in person. The longer chat times show people are spending more time talking to each other, maybe because they can't meet face-to-face due to the pandemic.

There's also a 35% increase in the number of messages sent in each chat. This means people want to talk more and have deeper conversations, maybe to make up for not being able to meet in person.

Searches for things like "Covid dating" and "virtual dates" went up, showing people are trying to find ways to date while following the new rules. This shows people are trying to keep their love lives normal, even though the pandemic makes it hard.

In summary, Camgo's data shows a big change in how people socialize and date. More people are using random video chats and chat rooms to stay connected with others. This change shows how people can adapt to big challenges in their social lives.